Vicky is mum to Jacob (8) and Leyla (7) who both have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Vicky previously worked at Next and applied for a grant towards bedroom furniture for both children, when the family had to move house. Here Vicky talks about her experience with FTCT.

“My two youngest children, Leyla and Jacob have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Their needs are complex and very different. Jacob’s SPD makes him almost too sensitive to stimulus. Leyla is the opposite meaning she can’t respond appropriately, she also has ASD. It’s a full time job caring for their needs.”

“We were living in private rented accommodation for years. Everyone had their own space and we had enough room in the living space for Jacob and Leyla’s sensory equipment, like therapy balls and a trampoline;vital for helping them to keep calm on particularly challenging days. Sadly the landlord needed the house back, so we were served notice.”

The grant has helped to make our new house really feel like a home now. Life can be very difficult at times, but the grant really has made my life a little easier. I really can’t express how grateful I am.

“Because I am no longer in employment and a single mum, I couldn’t apply for private rentals. So we joined the council’s housing list. A house came up at last minute, which was brilliant, but it had much less space than we had been used to. We sold loads of the kids stuff, including most of their therapy equipment, because we just wouldn’t have enough space in the new house.”

“It also meant Jacob and Leyla would have to share a bedroom. Their beds wouldn’t fit in the new space, but hadn't really been suitable before. Leyla’s had been a temporary bed with no proper mattress and Jacob’s bed had a huge frame which was too big for the space.”

“I was on Google looking for grants to help and was completely bamboozled. Eventually it was another charity called Contact, who knew about FTCT and suggested I give them a try. I previously worked at Next and felt hopeful when I applied. ”

“All the communication I received from the FTCT grants team made me feel hopeful too. I received a grant towards new beds for Jacob and Leyla, helping to create zones within their shared room.”

“Just being able to give them their own space within the new house has been brilliant. When Jacob and Leyla saw their new stuff, they were so happy. Given their complex needs, sharing a room really isn’t ideal at all, but it’s already had a positive impact on their behaviour.”

“I have already told another friend about FTCT grants and would encourage any other parents to apply. The grants team were great and the forms were simple. Yes, there was some information I had to find and I needed to go to the library to scan it in, but it is more than worth it.” 

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