Picture of Glynn standing in front of rolls of fabric."Working with this charity is absolutely the right thing to do. Don’t underestimate the enormity this help could make to your employee’s lives.”

Glyn has worked for the John Lewis & Partners- the retail business which includes John Lewis and Waitrose- for 42 years, starting on the shop floor, before transferring to the employee support team.

FTCT first met Glyn in 2011 at Herbert Parkinson’s (John Lewis’ Textile Manufacturing facility) when our Chief Executive Anna (pictured below) arranged a visit, to speak to staff about our grants.

“I work in the employee support department and the advice I give is solely financial. Any of our 83,000 partners can come to us when they are experiencing financial hardship and get advice or an interest free loan. As soon as a partner mentions they have children, we signpost them to FTCT, because we can’t help with essential items such as school uniform, bedding, mobility equipment,  but know that FTCT can.”

It is very easy to work with FTCT and we have such a close rapport them, I think in part because they are a small team and have loads of enthusiasm. We are used to signposting partners to lots of different charities, but we don’t always get feedback. That’s what is different about FTCT. All the stats and feedback emails really make a difference.

"I had a call from a partner just the other day to say she had got the FTCT grant after our referral and was chuffed to bits. We referred her to FTCT after she and her son needed to be rehoused at short notice and they had no furniture. FTCT helped with items for her son, such as a new bed and clothing. We were then able to offer her a loan for a bed for herself and a dining room table."

A picture of Anna at Herbert Parkinsons with one of the female employees.

Over the years, FTCT has worked with Glyn and the employee support team to promote our grants to JLP employees , in staff newsletters, face to face meetings with staff and most recently visits with to the 3 partner support hubs. All of this work has really helped to seal our partnership.

“It’s invaluable to get FTCT in the front of our partner support teams minds, so that when someone calls our helpline and mentions they have children, we can signpost them. We are constantly getting new people on to the team, so this promotion is always ongoing.”

 “From a business point of view, getting your employees back to work is better for business. From what we see through our partner support team, partners often say that once their stress at home was alleviated, they can work better. Any support we can give our employees, whether ourselves or through FTCT can really help, both employees and the business.”

Work with us

We are always keen to meet employers who would like to promote FTCT to your staff. We can work with you to create unique promotional tools, including newsletter copy, posters, flyers and anything else your company might need. If you are an employer and would like to work with us, please contact Anna, by email [email protected]

Kim and Josh's Story

Kim and her son Josh pose on the sofa for a photograph.Kim is a supermarket assistant for Waitrose, which is part of the John Lewis Partnership. She applied to FTCT for a grant for essential clothing and furniture for her and son Josh, aged nine. Read Kim and Josh's FTCT story