Picture of Wendy standing with her colleague Sarah, in front of the Lands

Wendy (right) pictured at Lands' End Head office, with colleague Sarah Bowes, Senior HR Officer.

“Working with FTCT is a win-win situation. Employees will perform better and stay with the company longer, if you provide support to help with their work/life commitments. FTCT is a really positive service to give to your employees and it’s free, both to the company and to your people.” 

Wendy works for the Employee Services team at Lands' End Europe’ s head office in Oakham (Rutland).  Lands’ End is a global multi-channel retailer and their Oakham head office ships to destinations across Europe.

In her role, Wendy looks after the core staff of 350 people across areas including, Head Office, Distribution and the Call Centres. It’s a close knit company, as Wendy explained, “We are all based on one site, so I get to know most of the teams really well. We are a very family friendly company and because we are in a rural area, most people know each other before they start working here.”

Wendy first came into contact with FTCT in 2012, after her boss Mark (Employee Services Director) met FTCT's Chief Executive, Anna.

Wendy remarked, “We continue to work with FTCT because they can provide support to our employees which we can’t. We want to be able to offer our people the care and support they might need both in their work-life and their home-life. It is important for to us to have someone they can go to for help. When there are children in the family and financial pressures, that’s when we direct them to FTCT.”

Wendy promotes FTCT grants to staff across a number of different channels, each suited to their diverse workforce, “For our call centre and head office we send out emails. For the distribution centre, we put posters in places where personal activity is at its greatest – for example where people sign in and out of work. “

“We also have notice boards around the building where we have the FTCT posters featured and of course also advise people to come to Employee Services for more help.”

Support for Lands’ End families

Wendy enthused about our partnership, “I love working with FTCT, the team are all so lovely! I know that if an employee is struggling with something I can pick up the phone to FTCT and will receive good advice.”

“Once I have given FTCT’s details to the family, I tend to leave it with them, to respect their privacy. But sometimes people are happy to chat about their stories and grants with me and they all tell me they have received the best support!”

“Out of the many families FTCT have supported, one springs to mind. Steve’s son Archie has profound disabilities and needed help with a specialist wheelchair. During FTCT’s conversations with Steve, they learned about the other siblings in the family and added extra money to the grant for them too. The FTCT team went above and beyond to ensure that Steve’s whole family were supported.”

Read Steve and son Archie's full story or watch their video below.

“All of the grants given to the families here at Lands’ End have had such a profound effect and it’s such an amazing gift to give a child. My overriding feeling is just one of grateful thanks to the FTCT team and the support they have provided for our team members.” 

Looking towards the future

As a company, Lands’ End is committed to continuing their partnership with FTCT. Wendy explained why she thinks this partnership is so important not just today, but in the future, “Looking after the welfare of our people is so important. As times continue to get harder and the future looks so uncertain, we as a company need the ability to give avenues of help to our staff, when they need it most. That’s what FTCT is for us. “

Wendy has lots of plans in the pipeline to promote FTCT grants to Lands’ End staff, “We have recently introduced a staff newsletter and I am going to include information about FTCT grants, just in time for Christmas. This can be such a challenging time of year for parents.”

Wendy’s advice on working with FTCT

We understand some companies are reluctant to start working with FTCT. Some may worry its extra work, others worried about how it might look from an outside perspective. Wendy offered some sound advice in this regard, “Don’t hesitate. It’s so easy to work with FTCT and it doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can get involved as little or as much as you want. Employees own their own applications, so all you have to do is tell them about the charity.”

“Working with FTCT is a win-win situation. What’s happening at home can have a profound impact on people at work. If we can help relieve some of their worries and concerns by offering them support from the FTCT then I hope we’ll have helped made their lives a little easier.”

“I have personally learnt a great deal through working with FTCT. Both about the services they can offer, but also how to offer them and communicate them to our team.“

“From a business perspective, employees will perform better and will stay with the company longer, if you provide them with a level of support to help with their work/life commitments. FTCT is a really positive service to give to your employees and it’s free, both to the company and to your people.”

Work with FTCT

We are always keen to meet employers who would like to promote FTCT to your staff. We can work with you to create unique promotional tools, including newsletter copy, posters, flyers and anything else your company might need. If you are an employer and would like to work with us, please contact Anna, by email [email protected]  

How one Lands' End family was helped by an FTCT grant