Sponsor Prevayl Tough Mudder's    

The Prevayl team are taking up the Tough Mudder challenge in aid of FTCT. Please sponsor them here and your money will go towards helping UK children get the essential items they need. 

After launching a partnership in January 2021, Prevayl felt compelled to support FTCT during one of the hardest times in UK history. No fashion or textile family should struggle financially to meet their child's basic needs.

"Children are the future of everything and textiles are at the core of everything Prevayl do as a business." 

"The work that FTCT do is incredibly important in order to assist and drive the next generation of innovators and support the current generation working in the industry."

FTCT’s ethos and mission spoke to Prevayl as a charity, and after finding out more about the way these grants can help families through some of the hardest times, Prevayl knew they had to help.

"We are totally in awe of the Prevayl Tough Mudder's, taking on this event to raise funds for our charity. The team focus of this event is really in-line with our charity ethos of supporting families in our industry. Together, we can all make a difference to the lives of UK fashion and textile families, who are facing really challenging times right now." Anna Pangbourne, FTCT's Chief Executive.

About the event
Taking place at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester in July, Tough Mudder is probaby the best (and muddiest) obstacle course in the UK. The team will be completing the 5k course together, navigating a mix of brand new and much-loved obstacles.

An event to push the mind and body, the event is centered around team work and making sure no Prevayl participant is left behind.

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