To apply for an FTCT grant, your first step is to complete the online enquiry form. We don’t want you to go through this process only to be disappointed, so please only complete this form if you meet with all four of our criteria points below. If you meet these we will send you the application form by email to complete.

Please Note: If you have previously successfully applied for a grant from FTCT, unfortunately you will need to wait at least 12 months since your last grant was awarded before we can consider a repeat application. You will also need to demonstrate how you meet our current criteria as shown below.

  1. Firstly, please familiarise yourself with our employment criteria. We can only support children (0-18 years) of families where a parent or main carer previously or currently works in the UK fashion and textile industry. You must have worked in the industry for at least ONE year within the last 9 years, and currently receive child benefit for the children you are applying for.

We define fashion and textiles as any UK business which designs, makes, sells, services (including laundry) or distributes clothing, footwear or fabrics. This includes soft furnishings (such as sofas) and interior textiles, such as curtains. You can work in any aspect of the UK fashion and textile industry, from shop floor, to factory, distribution to head office. This also includes supermarkets that sell a clothing line.

Not sure if your job means you can apply? Find out here

  1. We support families who are facing a time of crisis or difficulty. This may be as the result of any of the following:
  • You are suffering from ill health, including physical or mental health issues;
  • You care for a child, partner or family member with ill health or additional needs;
  • You are a kinship carer
  • You have suffered the bereavement of a close family member;
  • You have been made redundant;
  • Your employer has reduced your contracted hours of work;
  • You have been in unsettled housing or faced homelessness;
  • You have recently suffered a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce;
  • You are under financial pressures (eg housing arrears,debt)

 3. The items that you are requesting must be considered essential and must be for the benefit of your  children. Examples of these might be a bed to sleep in, a cooker for hot meals, a washing machine for clean clothes or new school uniform and footwear.   

For a better idea of what we fund, please look at a list here
And for a better idea of what we can’t fund, please look at a list here

  1. You are struggling financially to make ends meet, and you do not have the money to purchase the items yourself, (including access to savings).

Completing the enquiry form below: This information is important, as it will help us to determine whether we can consider your request for support (the form may take a few seconds to load). All details are treated with the strictest confidence and privacy, so please provide as much information as possible about your family and financial circumstances, as well as full details regarding your fashion and textile employment history, your children, and what you need funding for. If you have any issues or questions regarding the enquiry form process, you can contact our Grants Team on 0300 123 9002.

Our grants are not guaranteed. In the event that we are not the right charity for you, we will try to signpost you towards other charities who may be able to help.

We will aim to get back to you, normally by email, within two working weeks. If you have not heard from us within this timeframe, please check your junk mail as some emails do end up there. 

By completing this form and entering your details, you are consenting to FTCT staff contacting you, by phone, email or post, to discuss your enquiry.