Leigh Montague owner of Monty & Co rests against a desk in her studio. Racks of clothing and a computer rest on the table next to her.

We are very proud to have the ongoing support of Childrenswear brand Monty & Co. Founder Leigh Montague first met our charity at the 2018 Drapers Independent Awards and and has regularly supported the trust through sales promotions from their preloved range. 

When asked about why she chooses to support FTCT, Leigh commented, “There are so many charities in the UK, but there is that ‘lost middle ground’ for people falling between the gaps, not totally on the breadline but who are really struggling financially. I really like FTCT's association with British industry and the affinity between our brand, children's clothing and the fact the charity supports families and children."

"Monty & Co. is a small British Childrenswear brand with a loyal customer base, we are grateful that the continued support from our customers can assist some families in a time of need."

"The UK retail sector and high street have faced huge challenges in the past few years, with the impact of Covid-19 and the Cost Of Living Crisis set to leave many key workers and retail staff struggling to support their families. I want to help with fundraising for FTCT, particularly knowing the demand for grants has escalated."

About Monty & Co's support

All Monty & Co garments are consciously designed for maximum longevity. The brand strongly believe that circular fashion, passing down and recycling clothes. Is a simple commitment and positive change to the future of fashion and our environment.

Customers can return their preloved clothes and receive a 50% discount on future purchases. For every sale of a preloved product 10% of the sale will goes to our charity. 

Comment from our Chief Executive, Anna Pangbourne, "We are so grateful for the funds donated and want to say a huge thank you both to Leigh and Monty & Co customers who made this happen. The funds have already been used, helping to give the equivalent of two laptops to help children join lessons from home. Support like this, from brands across the industry is so important and as a small charity, their donations can go directly to help families in need.”