Donate to buy an essentials bundle for a family

When you donate towards an essentials bundle, you will be making an unforgetable difference to the life of another industry family. With donations amounts to suit every budget, you'll be able to choose from an essentials bundle which we will pass on to a child. 

A little boy smiles as his mother secures his school tie.

School Uniform
From socks and school ties, to blazers, bags and books, the cost of school uniform is a huge expense for parents every year. For a families living on reduced income or for those just making ends meet, buying their kids new uniform this year is simply out of reach. We give each family a grant towards £250 to get all the uniform essentials their children need, meaning they can hold their head high and be confident with their friends at school.

Donate £10       

Clothing and Shoes

Every child who receives a grant is given money towards essential clothing and footwear. 

Donate £25  

Baby Essentials

From highchairs, to safety gates, car seats and more, we help families to fund important safety items for their precious bundles. A donation of £50 could help to fund more items for an industry family. 

Donate £50

Tech for homework
Throughout lockdown we funded hundreds of tablets and laptops to help children access homeschool. With online learning a core element of both primary and secondary education, we will continue to fund more tablets and laptops for children. 

Donate £100

Bedroom Furniture
A comfortable place to sleep and proper places to store their clothes are very important to a child's wellbeing. Every year our grants fund hundreds of items of bedroom furniture. With your donation, we could fund many more. 

Donate £250

Essential Appliances

Clean clothes, properly stored food and hot meals are so important for children's everyday lives. Every year we fund appliances to families across the industry. With your help, we could fund many more. 

Donate £500

Mobility and Specialist Equipment

For children with additional health and mobility needs, accessing the right equipment on the NHS can be a lengthy and frustrating process. We are delighted that our grants can fund equipment suited to support a child's individual health needs, to promote independence and give them a better sense of wellbeing. Help us to fund mobility equipment for another child. 

Donate £1,000