We're excited to announce our partnership with Pure London x JATC, dedicated to empowering and supporting families in the fashion and textile industry. At FTCT, we've long been providing crucial support to those in need through financial grants for essential items like household appliances, school uniforms, and clothing, and this partnership allows us to extend our reach even further. 

How Pure London x JATC support us

  • Featuring FTCT on the show website linking to our website and donation page  
  • Sharing exposure on social media  
  • A dedicated page on our exhibitor portal  
  • Exposure in articles going to press  
  • Office fundraising events  

Together with Pure London x JATC, we're committed to ensuring that no family feels unsupported or alone.

"We are so delighted to be working with Pure London x JATC. As the UK's largest festival of Fashion this is a huge opportunity for us to amplify our voice within the sector. By working together we can ultimately help more children get the essential items they need to grow and thrive."  Anna Pangbourne, CEO of the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust.