What we fund

The amount we give depends on your circumstances and on what you need.

Typically, our grants are around £400, helping families to buy essential things like clothes, school uniforms, bedroom furniture or study equipment. We're also able to provide support for more specialist needs, like wheelchairs, therapies or funding for children with additional learning, emotional or health needs. See a fill list of what we fund here.

We can also help families facing challenging life circumstances such as when a parent is ill or when you are facing homelessness

Please remember, we can't help to replace lost income or pay essential household costs such as bills or food. Please use these pages to check what government support is available to replace lost income and help with bill costs

Before making an enquiry, please check the full list of what we can't fund.  

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Got any questions?

If there's something you're not sure about, it's always best to contact us and chat it through. Email your question to our our grants team.

All a family wants to do is provide everything themselves. But recent events pushed us to a point where we simply had to ask for help.
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