Vicky, Jacob and Leyla

Jacob and Leyla both have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Autism. Mum Vicky used to work at Next and applied for an FTCT grant towards bedroom furniture for both children.Read more

Cole, Dylan, Theo, Kailum and Emily

Gordon and his wife Andrea care for their five grandchildren, Cole, Dylan, Theo, Kailum and Emily. Gordon works at John Lewis and applied for an FTCT grant towards essentials for the children.Read more

Abigail and Lilly

Abigail previously worked at Harrods and applied for an FTCT grant towards new school uniform and a specialist bed wetting alarm for her daughter Lilly.Read more

Alisha, Tia and Jade

Alisha worked as an accounts assistant at Morrison’s for 12 years, before moving to another job in 2015. She applied for an FTCT grant towards essential items for her daughter's Tia and Jade.Read more

Tony and Rose

Tony worked at Jaeger for 22 years, before being made redundant when the company went into Administration. The family applied for a grant towards study essentials for daughter Rose.Read more

James and Emma

James works as a distribution centre operative for the clothing retailer, Lands’ End. James got in touch with FTCT when his daughter Emma started school and needed school uniform.Read more

Natalie and Robin

Natalie is Mum to Robin (12 years). Robin received a grant for a new wheelchair after Natalie’s partner Darren heard about FTCT through his employer, Allied Textiles.Read more

Jonathan and Caroline

Caroline’s husband used to work for a yarn manufacturer. After hearing about FTCT through school, the family received a grant towards therapy equipment for their son Jonathan (14 years).Read more

Archie's family

Archie has a undiagnosed condition, similar to cerebral palsy. Dad Steve heard about FTCT through his job at the fashion brand, Lands’ End. Watch Steve and Mum Leanne talk about the difference their FTCT grant made for Archie and his siblings, Grace, Pheobie and Teddie.Read more

Laura and Owen

Laura has worked for the NBrown group for over 20 years, in the company’s IT department. She found out about FTCT through her manager and approached the charity for funding for her eldest son Owen.Read more

Kim and Josh

Kim works as a supermarket assistant for Waitrose. Kim received a grant from FTCT towards essential clothing and furniture for her new home with son Josh, aged nine.Read more

Dexter's New Bed

Laura works for Boden, she recently received a grant towards a new bed for her son Dexter after he'd outgrown his old one.Read more