Life presents families with various challenges, and Shabana's family encountered significant hurdles when her husband, Mohammed, was diagnosed with a skull-based tumour in 2021. With Mohammed unable to work and Shabana balancing part-time employment with caregiving, the family faced emotional and financial strains.

In their time of need, Shabana reached out to FTCT for support. With the assistance of one of our grants, the family was able to buy a new fridge and new beds for their daughters Zahra (12) and Esha (18), giving them a peaceful place to rest and creating a happier environment.

The impact of FTCT's assistance extended beyond relieving financial burdens; it allowed Shabana to focus on nurturing her family without the weight of constant financial worries.

Shabana's story is a testament to the impact that compassion and support have, demonstrating that even in the darkest moments, there is hope.

We love sharing stories of hope and resilience like Shabana, Mohammed, Zahra, and Esha’s.

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