Alisha is Mum to Tia (7) and Jade (13)*. Alisha worked as an accounts assistant at Morrisons for 12 years, before moving to another job. She applied for a grant towards essential items for her daughter's Tia and Jade.

“I found FTCT through Google. I was searching for educational support for my eldest daughter Jade. Due to family circumstances I had to reduce my work hours, which was having a significant impact on my income.”  

My eldest daughter Jade was about to start a new school and I just had no idea how I was going to pay for her school uniform and bus fare. I filled in FTCT’s online enquiry form and honestly didn’t think I would hear back. When I did hear back I was shocked, but when the grants team said they might be able to help us it was such a relief.

“I had tried other avenues before, but as a working single parent, I didn’t qualify for any extra help. I thought, if I get help with buying school uniform, I would be lucky. But the grants team encouraged me to write a list of everything the girls needed for the year ahead. It was the first time I had really thought about all the things they needed. I was too scared to before and had chosen to forget about it.”

“The FTCT gave us a grant towards school uniform, PE kit and other study essentials, plus winter clothing and clothes storage too.”

“We are so thankful for the support. It’s nice to put Tia’s new clothes in her new drawers.”

“The grant has meant a huge weight lifted off my mind. Our family circumstances are better now and I have managed to up my work hours again, but it’s still a struggle to balance everything. The grant has definitely helped to make a difference though.”

“I would definitely encourage other parents to apply. It’s so easy to fall into difficult financial circumstances without it being your fault. I have never been out of work and just didn’t think there was support out there for people who work. I feel like single parent families in particular, are penalised. I never felt ashamed about applying, just thankful there was someone who could help us”

* Names and images have been changed to protect identities

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