Managing debt is something lots of us have to do at one time or another. And we are not alone! According to the leading debt charity StepChange,  debts are escalating in council tax, household bills and credit cards from all areas of the UK, for all ages and backgrounds.

StepChange remind and motivate their helpline staff, 'We know debt, we understand the causes, but most importantly we know the way out'

Many debt situations start with redundancy or a missed advice letter, and from there they escalate. It could however, be something as simple as not earning enough money; falling behind on a payment, juggling accounts or dealing with a family emergency. These can all have a real impact on family finances and the health and wellbeing of the whole family.

How can FTCT help?

If you are a parent working in the fashion or textiles industry, FTCT can provide financial help for your child (aged up to 18 years old). If you are not sure if your current or past roles fit into this category, you can check here.

It could be a much needed replacement bed, or a new school uniform or school equipment for your child. If your child needs specialist equipment, an FTCT grant is invaluable. If an essential item in your home needs replacing, like a washing machine or fridge, FTCT can help. Take a look at the grants section for more information.

Mum Jasmine called the FTCT grants team, as she didn't want to borrow more money or spend on the credit card, 'My mind was put at rest once I made the first phone call, it was a weight off my mind'. Read Jasmine's story.

Other sources

Whatever your personal situation, don't despair; there are organisations out there who can help: