“It was like the heavy feeling had been lifted off my chest, when I was able to see how much the grant from FTCT helped my family.”

Kasia is Mum to Mia (7) and Max (8 months old). When Kasia's income drastically reduced the family approached us after hearing about FTCT through a family friend.  

“For the past 5 years I have worked at Primark but I have been working in different fashion shops since I was 16 years old.”

 “I’m currently on maternity leave and my pay is only statutory. Things were already tight, but then my partner’s work place cut down overtime completely for all of the employees. It was just getting too difficult to manage a lot of expenses at the same time.  We had to prioritize food, bills and rent over other things.” 

“At the same time, there were lots of things that the kids needed. Mia needed a bed and mattress as the one she had was damaged and had some nails sticking out from the lower side.” 

“Max needed a high chair and didn’t have a car seat which meant we had to keep borrowing one from friends who lived nearby. It put a strain on us, as the seat was not always available and we had to adjust or cancel the plans completely.” 

“Plus, we didn’t have a cooker with working oven, which made a lot of things super difficult. For us baking is a crucial part of making food.” 

Breathing easy once the grant arrived

“After we got that grant, things are so much easier. Mia is absolutely in love with her new bed. She loves reading there and it will last her for years! She proudly shows her bed to her friends whenever they visit her!” 

“Max's high chair is in daily use and having our own car seat is just amazing too. Now because of the new cooker and oven, Mia and I have possibility to spend time together in the kitchen and bake.”

“I absolutely loved the experience of applying to the FTCT. The whole process was clear and efficient. It made me feel so much better. It was like the heavy feeling had been lifted off my chest, when I was able to see how much the help from FTCT helped my family.”

Kasia's advice for other parents

“To any other parents thinking of applying for a grant, I would say, don't be scared to try to ask for help. Seeing the happy faces of your own children when you're able to fund the items that they need thanks to the grant is the best feeling in the world.”

Interested in applying?

If you think an FTCT grant could help your family, please visit our Get Help section to find out more. You can find out more about our criteria and make an enquiry.