"We were absolutely blown away by the grant. I got to spend time with each of the boys shopping online and as you can see they loved getting their parcels!" 

When Sam and Mick needed a bit of extra help to buy clothes and bedding for their boys, sam used her job at Tesco to apply for a grant. 

"I’m Sam Mum to Blaze (16) Codie (14) and Kaine (12). I just want to take the time to thank the lovely people at Fashion & Textile Children's Trust for their generosity towards my family in our time of need."  
"I’ve been working for Tesco, at the same store for 22 years! I’m proud to work for them and rarely take time off. My husband Mick, has been a lorry driver for the past 30+ years, right up until he contracted Covid pneumonia in December 2020."  

"He spent a week over Christmas in hospital. (while me and the boys had it at home) and hasn’t been able to work since. If we go out he requires a wheelchair."  

"All our savings have quickly gone on paying the bills. Unfortunately our 3 boys then needed new beds and mattresses so I applied to the FTCT for a grant and was accepted."  
"The grants team reached out to me asking if the boys needed new clothes and shoes. With three growing teenage boys, we obviously do!"  

"We were absolutely blown away by their help and I got to spend time with each of the boys shopping online for their clothes. As you can see from the pictures, they loved getting their parcels!"  
Photos of all three boys with their new grant items. The boys are white teenagers, photographed in a back garden, next to a fence and paving. The first boy is seventeen and has black jogging bottoms and a blue t-shirt. He is holding a pair of black a

From left to right:

This is Blaze, he’s 16. He grew up with glue ear and has been diagnosed with Tourette’s tics and ADHD. He has also suffered terribly with bullying from year 2. He has a love of Manchester United although he’s fluent in all clubs and players, from all of the leagues!  

This is Codie, he’s 14 right now. He has a dual diagnosis of ADHD and autism. He has trouble with school life when writing is difficult for him. He is more hands on and wants to be a mechanic in the future. He loves Lego sets and puzzles and will only wear certain clothes.  

This is our youngest Kaine, he’s a cheeky and happy!

Thank you to everyone at FTCT for the grant. We would definitely recommend them to other families. 

How could we help you?

If you’re a parent working in the UK fashion and textile industry, your child may be eligible for a grant. Please read more about how we define ‘fashion and textile’, our grants, and what we fund