It’s the last few days of the school summer term and with some great weather, we are moving into the six weeks of summer holidays!

If you can book some time off from work with your children or grandchildren, here are some awesome ideas that won’t cost a packet.

Firstly, plan your week’s activities - as best you can – bearing in mind the weather, budget and so on. Some activities need some advance preparation and remember to always read the terms and conditions.

Summer Reading Challenge

Schools warn us parents that children's reading can 'dip' during the summer holidays. The annual Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge encourages children to read six books from their local library. This year’s challenge is called Mischief Makers, inspired by the much-loved children's title Beano, which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year.

Children will explore a map of Beanotown to find the mysterious buried treasure and become ultimate mischief makers! Dennis, Gnasher and friends will help them solve clues and collect stickers, having lots of fun and adventures along the way! Watch their video to get started.

You’ll need to check if your library is participating and sign up for a library card to join in.

Sit back and relax at the movies

Fancy viewing family films this summer? With tickets priced at only £2.49 for children and adults, at Vue Cinemas Mini Mornings, it’s a massive saving on the usual cost of going to the cinema. Mini Mornings run every Saturday and Sunday from 10am and every day in the school holidays. Check your local participating cinema and see what’s on.

You can also check out Cineworld – if that’s more local. They are encouraging us all to “Be More Childish! “ Purchase a family ticket for four with at least one adult and all viewing the same movie. Everyone pays the child price. Sign up for Family Films at Cineworld and choose your favourite movies.

Time to get active!

Splashing around at your local pool is always a winner – especially in this hot weather. So this is a perfect opportunity to take up the Kids Swim for £1 scheme at participating Better Leisure Centres.  Simply complete the online form, and your children – under 16 - can swim for one pound. Sessions are during the ‘Swim for All’ and ‘Swim for Families’ sessions before 11am, Monday to Saturday from 7 August 2018.

Best of all - have fun!

There is plenty to do at home and near home, too. Baking, crafting and visiting your local park are all activities to do come rain or shine! You can also check out the family page of your council website; there is usually lots to do there too.

Whatever you do during the holidays, have fun and we hope you and the children have a relaxing six weeks holidays.