When James and his wife both reduced their working hours to support their daughter Emma, as expected their income reduced too. The pressures on the household finances increased and when Emma needed expensive school uniform and school equipment, James turned to FTCT.

As James works as a distribution centre operative for a clothing retailer, it means he was able to call FTCT to see if his family were able to receive a grant.  Like many families James was worried that his family’s reduced income wouldn’t be able to cover the costs of everything that Emma needed; expensive new school uniform, school equipment, travel costs, etc. ready to start secondary school. Read James and Emma’s story here.

Supporting industry families

As children grow up, their needs change and as parents, we adapt and change our working life to best support them. Many families are having to reduce their working hours and as a result have a reduced overall income. For parents working in the UK fashion and textile industry, approaching a charity like FTCT is giving them a chance to ease the squeeze on the family budget.

Over the last five months, FTCT have given grants to over 300 families with many contacting a charity for the first time.  If your working life has changed – and you are struggling to pay for the essentials items for your children, take a look at the FTCT website to see if we can help.

How can a grant help?

An FTCT grant is not a loan and doesn’t have to be repaid. It is available to families working in the UK fashion and textile industries. A grant can be used to purchase a new school uniform, school items or to replace essential household equipment that makes life easier for the whole family. A grant can also provide funds for bedroom furniture for your child and their siblings, and can help with items; like mobility equipment, sensory toys or therapy, for children with additional needs.

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Whatever your circumstances, please visit the FTCT website and complete an online form to see if an FTCT grant can help you and your family.

*Names changed