“I was made redundant during lockdown. As a single parent, it was a worrying time."

Mairead contacted us after she was made redundant from the fashion retailer Warehouse. With her son Jed outgrowing all his clothes and soon needing school uniform, Mairead decided to apply for one of our grants.

“I was sent FTCT details in my redundancy package from Warehouse. I had worked there for five years before it went into administration during lockdown. As a single parent it was a worrying time.”

“Jed had grown so much and twice I had to clear out clothes that no longer fitted him, so when I saw that I fitted FTCT’s criteria, I decided to apply for one of their grants.”

“The application circumstances were unusual due to lockdown, but I found everyone at FTCT  very helpful and replied to all my emails very promptly.”

Jed got all the uniform her needed for school and was delighted to wear it on his first day back. 

Jed is pictured in his school uniform standing in front of a set of wardrobe doors.

Jed pictured on the first day of school in his new uniform.

We are so delighted that Mairead applied to us and are so grateful to her for sharing her experiences here. Redundancy and reduced income are just some of the situations faced by the families we support. If you’ve never applied to a charity before, but find yourself in circumstances like those faced by Mairead, please find out if our grants could help you.