Its the British Baker’s National Cupcake Week 18-24 September 2017 and the FTCT office is getting in the mood to celebrate with a cupcake or two or maybe three! Why don’t you join us?

Buy a box of cupcakes or make some at home and ask your friends, workmates, school parents or family members to donate £1 for each cupcake.

Fundraising for FTCT

Your donation will go towards FTCT grants - surely that makes eating cupcakes twice as nice? They'll taste great and a family working in the UK fashion and textile industry will benefit from a grant for their child. You can read more about the families who have already received a grant.

If you decide to make your cupcakes - just search for a recipe online then your children can help you rustle up a few bespoke cakes or 'go large' and make a giant cupcake to slice! The choice is yours.

Your Cupcake Sale

Email Janet at the FTCT office and let us know you are having a Cupcake Sale and we'll supply you with some information leaflets and a collection box. Don't forget to take photos and share your delicious fundraising efforts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.