Music is part of our everyday lives and this World Music Day is a great time to share the benefits of music therapy for children. Whether playing, singing or listening, all forms of music can help children relax, improve motor skills and emotional functions for a wide range of health problems. It can improve behaviour, communication and reduce anxiety.

The joy of music

The British Association for Music Therapy provide lots of information on how their therapists use music to connect with children to help them achieve a specific goal. Whilst lots of research has been undertaken, the sheer joy of music for some children is undeniable.

Music therapy to support children’s health

Nordoff Robbins is one charity supporting – among others – children with developmental delay. They say, ‘Music making is part and parcel of the way that all children learn about the world around them and develop new skills. It is a safe way of taking risks and developing independence. It is playful and intrinsically interactive. It is motivating and encourages children and their parents to keep trying things. Above all it enables parents and carers to see the possibilities for their child's development at a time when they can otherwise be overwhelmed by the challenges ahead.’

FTCT is here to support families of children whose parents work in UK fashion and retail. If your child needs additional support that music therapy could be suitable for, please give our Grants team a call, or check our criteria to see if you can apply.

Music for all

Just by playing music in the home, taking part in lessons at school or joining one of the events organised by Make Music Day UK – organisers of World Music Day – huge improvements can be achieved for the whole family. They have events around the country or you can organise one of your own.