As temperatures soar, we’re all enjoying the amazing sunny weather. For most of us, it’s a chance to get out the paddling pool, go on a picnic and generally enjoy the great outdoors – for FREE! With a little preparation, the whole family can keep safe and cool during the heatwave.


Beware of the sun’s rays

Try and organise outdoor activities outside of 11am – 3pm when the sun is at its hottest. Take care especially with children and always use a good factor sunscreen. The NHS have lots of advice on their website.


Ways with water

Drinking water isn’t on everyone’s top refreshment list, but there are lots of ways to make it more interesting. Try adding fruit pieces or cucumber slices to a jug of iced water for a refreshing twist on just plain water. You can also try using fizzy water to dilute cordials to make a sparkling squash as an extra treat!


Are we there yet?

As the summer holidays start, trips to see family and friends around the country is a must and travelling by car is likely for many families. To help everyone keep their cool, book your car in with Halfords to make sure your car air conditioning is in tip-top condition. They are offering a free air conditioning check to let you know the refrigerant levels of your car. If it needs topping up, you’ll need to purchase the air conditioning essentials to either have Halfords install them or install it yourself. Check with other garages too, who may provide a similar service.


Whatever you and the family do this summer, remember some of the above tips to help you all ‘keep cool and carry on!’