We are delighted to be the key charity of Little Mistress and their partnership with the Kindred cash back app. 

It's been a very challenging year for UK families and those working in the fashion and textile sector have been hit hard hit. 

In the last few month’s we have received hundreds of requests from fashion retail staff, many of whom suddenly lost their jobs after already struggling through a year of reduced pay.  

While we continued helping families, our charity lost 40% of our income through cancelled events and reduced donations.

We rely on donations to top up our grant funding and will soon reach our spending limit, despite many more families still requesting our help.  

How can you help

Donate cashback to our charity every time you shop with Little Mistress through the new Kindred app.  

Together, we can make sure that despite everything, children of fashion and textile staff can have clothes that fit, comfy beds and new school uniform to make everyday life a little easier.

How to shop with Kindred

1. Add the Kindred Extension

It only takes a few seconds so you can get right back to shopping

2. Shop as usual!

We’ll show you the best deals and cashback offers

3. Save money, earn, & donate

Your earnings will be added to your cash back account instantly, then you can choose to keep the cash or donate to charity

About the partnership

Little Mistress have partnered with Kindred to help customers find out about the work our charity does to help the children of UK fashion and textile families. Through this partnership, more people will learn about our work and hopefully support us when they shop for their next Little Mistress piece.

This partnership was suggested by Little Mistress CEO, Mark Ashton. After running a similar campaign during the pandemic for NHS Charities, Mark got in touch with us late last year, to suggest we work together in this way. When talking about our work, Mark commented, "The FTCT do amazing work supporting the children of families that work within fashion, and we’re proud to pass on that support by naming them as our key charity." 

We are really excited to be working with the Little Mistress team and being introduced to their customers and supporters. 

Real Stories

Liliana and Marcel sit on their new bunkbeds in their bedroom

Hear the stories of families who received a grant for their children.