Children's Mental Health Week is an annual mental health awareness initiative designed to empower, equip, and amplify the voices of children and young people throughout the UK. 

Established by Place2Be in 2015, each year sees hundreds of schools, children, parents, and caregivers participating. Now in its 10th year, the campaign aims to mobilise more supporters than ever, striving toward the goal that no child or young person should face mental health challenges alone. This year's theme, "My Voice Matters," emphasises the importance of empowering young individuals to speak up and be heard.

As FTCT is a charity devoted to enhancing the well-being of children in the UK, we firmly believe that every child deserves access to essential resources, including therapy for mental health concerns, ensuring no child is left without the support they require.

Throughout this week, we're dedicated to sharing valuable insights and resources about what mental health truly means for our little ones.

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For more information on Children's Mental Health Week, visit their website

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