On Friday 16th April 2021, Chloe, Fran, Sharon, Paryse and Aunt Yvette completed their fundraising challenge around Padley Gorge. With the help of their sponsors, the team raised £600 for our charity.

Here's Chloe to tell you all about the event, alongside some info about how your generous sponsorship will help UK children of fashion and textile families. 

"I'm studying at the University of East London on the course, MA International Fashion Business Management. As part of our Professional Life module, we had to plan a project, event, competition, or website."

"My theme is wellbeing and I wanted to do something to help others during the pandemic. I choose to do down the route of charity, fundraising work. I was recommended to check out the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust by a friend and loved it, So chose to organise a fundraising walk for the charity." 

"The walk went better than I thought! It was our first-time walking through Padley Gorge in the peak district, so it was exciting to see the beautiful views they had. Despite the lovely warm weather, it wasn’t too busy." 

"We took photos along on the way of the stunning backdrop to document our journey." 

"At times the paths were narrow and cobbled, we walked up hills and climbed up a few rocks. Some parts of the trail were muddy and some of the rocks were slippery. However, we all supported each other in our group of 5."  

"Also, it was nice to be able to meet up with people outdoors and socialise with family and friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. After the walk there was a great sense of achievement!" 

"We felt proud to have completed it for a good cause and are grateful for all the money we raised and celebrated with a takeaway."

There's still time to sponsor Chloe on her fundraising page.

Sponsor Chloe   

What could Chloe's £600 help us to fund?

  • New school uniform and PE kit for two siblings.
  • A comfortable new bed, mattress and bedding for one child.
  • Two appliances for a family who have recently been rehoused. 

Find out more about our grants and how they help children of UK fashion and textile workers. 

Anna Pangbourne, Chief Executive of Fashion & Textile Children's Trust commented:

"We have been blown away by Chloe's enthusiasm from start to finish. From approaching our charity only a number of week's ago, Chloe put together her fundraising event and gathered support, raising £600 for our charity." 

"Thank you to Chloe, Fran, Sharon, Paryse and Yvette for choosing to fundraise for our charity and to all of your, their sponsors."

"Your generous sponsorship will soon be put to work, providing essential items for children of fashion and textile workers across the UK, who are struggling financially. "

If you would like to support our work and fundraise for us, please visit our fundraising hub.