Most of the links and tips taken from Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert's page about Coronavirus Finance & Bills Help. The other links are from trusted charity sources. 

Financial product help: Mortgages, credit cards, loans and overdrafts

  • Mortgages:If keeping up with your bills and food on the table may be a challenge, speak to your bank. Read more

Help for renters – incl protection from eviction

Many rules have been changed to support those struggling to pay rent due to the coronavirus outbreak. Speak to your landlord as soon as possible to let them know your situation and work out a repayment plan. 

It's also worth checking whether you're receiving all the financial help with housing you're entitled to, which could come from benefits such as universal credit. 

Read more here

Household bill help

Help with food costs and baby essentials

* Disclaimer: We are not a financial advisory charity and cannot take responsibility for the exact offers your suppliers can give you. These links are intended to make you aware of the support you might be able to access. Please check with all of your individual suppliers.