Financial worries can weigh heavily on parents' minds. They're juggling countless responsibilities, trying to give their kids the best while dealing with life's ups and downs. This balancing act can take a toll on their mental health.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, it's important to recognise how money struggles can affect mental wellbeing. FTCT recognises the impact of these challenges on families, and we're here to help.

FTCT offers a lifeline to families facing money problems. Through our grants, we help parents in the UK fashion and textile industry with things like clothes, bedding, and appliances. Our goal is to ease their money worries, so they can focus on looking after their families.

Receiving a grant from FTCT can really make a difference for struggling parents. It eases financial stress and helps improve mental wellbeing. With less worry about money, parents can breathe easier and enjoy life more.

Here are some quotes from parents we've helped

"The grant has made such a massive difference to me. The grant has meant that I've not had to add further debt on to credit cards and the mental worry and stress reduced.” 

"It has massively helped reduce the stress of providing for my daughter, this grant helped me fully clothe her and get a tablet for school work. Words can't express how grateful for the support FTCT have given to me."

"[The FTCT]…have taken a massive stress off me and helped to make my child's life more settled, comfortable and happier. Thank you, your kindness is greatly appreciated."

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