Will stands in a room next to his running partner Gaby. Both will and Gaby are wearing their London Marathon medals.

On the 2nd of October Will Taylor (pictured above) ran the London Marathon (26 miles!) in support of our charity raised an incredible £1,151!

We are so proud of our 2022 runners Will and Gaby (pictured above with Will) and cannot thank them enough for their efforts. The funds raised will go a long way in supporting families this winter as increased pressure on households from rising food and energy prices means demand for our grants is higher than ever.

Our operating costs and grants are paid for by a charitable trust. That means 100% of the money raised by Will goes towards providing essential items for children this winter such as warm clothing, cosy bedding and replacing broken appliances.  

We are excited to share this post-race chat with Will, where we get to hear all about his experience running the London Marathon. If you're feeling inspired by Will, find out more about our Marathon place for 2023. 

What was running the London Marathon like? 

It was incredible. Running with thousands of people through the streets of London is a totally overwhelming experience. It got tough towards the end as your legs start to go, but it was such a great feeling to get over that finish line in the end.

How did you feel on the day?

I was quite nervous going into the race, even though I'd done months of training, so I just had to remind myself that all the hard work was already done and to try and enjoy the experience as much as possible! 

Describe the scene for us - were there any London landmarks you passed that you enjoyed seeing the most?

I think running over Tower Bridge was a personal highlight for me. To run over such an iconic bridge with thousands of supporters cheering was really special.

What helped you to stay motivated along the route?

One thing that really motivated me to keep going when it got tough was thinking about the funds I had raised for the FTCT. Some of the heartwarming videos from their website stuck with me and were very inspirational. Seeing my friends and family along the route also gave me a huge boost.

Do you have any tips or advice for someone thinking of entering the race next year?

My main tip for anyone running a long-distance race, no matter the distance, is to not go out too fast, stay hydrated, and to let your training speak for itself. And most importantly, try and have fun!

Feeling inspired? 

We have access to spaces for the 2023 Marathon, so why not join our team! Find out more or share with a friend.