When Karolina reached out to us seeking assistance for Oskar's needs, we were glad to offer our support. At the same time Oskar (13) was undergoing a kidney transplant, he was diagnosed with Autism, a mild learning disability, Sensory Processing Disorder, Tourette's syndrome, and ADHD. Karolina, previously employed by DHL for Debenhams, was working reduced hours to care for her son, making it harder to makes ends meet.

With the help of one of our grants, Karolina covered the costs of physiotherapy for Oskar, who made remarkable progress and can now ride a bike. Another grant enabled Karolina to purchase a weighted blanket and a high-quality desk chair, helping Oskar manage the nervous tics caused by his Tourette’s Syndrome.

“The physio session has been life-changing. Oskar built up a great relationship with his physio, who was fantastic. Oskar can now ride a trike. He is very proud!”

“This has given us the opportunity to enjoy our sunny days together. Oskar used to lack confidence, but now he shows his trike to all his friends.”

“To any other parent considering applying to the Trust, I offer this advice: Just give it a try. If your child needs an item or funding that will improve their quality of life, check if you meet the FTCT criteria. Every child is worth it, and parents/carers who cannot afford to provide what they need should explore how this charity could support them. ”

We take pride in sharing stories like Oskar’s and are honoured to have played a part in their journey, providing much-needed support along the way.

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