A newspaper article shows the word Grant highlighted in pink pen.

If you've never applied to a charity before, there's no reason you should know what a grant is. So let's bust some jargon and help you to understand what charity grants are and how they can help you.

What is a grant?

A grant is a financial payment which you don't have to pay back.

Many organisation's offer grants, from charities to companies with their own hardship fund. The important thing that sets a grant apart from any other financial payout is that it does not have to be repaid. 

Most organisations who offer grants have a set application criteria. Like ours; we help if you’re the parent or carer of a child and work (or have worked) in fashion, clothing or a related business.

Put simply, we’re here to help you and your family by providing a grant for children's essential items. Find out more about our grants.

What if you don't work in fashion or textiles?

There are charities across the UK who give grants to individuals in financial need. 

If you're new to applying for grants, the best place to start is the Turn2us Grant Search tool.

This FREE tool asks a few simple questions, then matches you to grant giving charities who could help, based on your location, employment status or family circumstance.

Like us, Turn2Us is a non-profit organisation. We work closely with them and highly reccommend their website. Use the Turn2Us Grant Search Tool.

Useful Links

We always signpost families who don't meet our criteria, to other charities who could help. Here's our top list of charities to try, helping with issues from disability to debt, home appliances and more. Find charities who could help.  

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