Liliana and Marcel sit on their new bunkbeds in their bedroom

Anna works part-time for a footwear company and applied for a grant to buy a bunk bed for her children Marcel (8) and Liliana (3). Here's Anna to tell us a little more about her grant journey and how the children are enjoying their new bed. 

"I am very grateful for the grant especially in this difficult time of the pandemic. We were due to move house and needed a new bunk bed so both children could share a room, but didn't have any way to buy it ourselves."  

"Our daughter Liliana who is 3 years old was still sleeping in her cot in our bedroom, but now my children share a bunk bed in their new room and they both sleep so much better. Liliana is very clingy to me, so we couldn’t imagine how well she would adapt to sleeping on her own. This bed helped her a lot and we have a very happy little girl😊."

"Our son Marcel (8 years old) has sensory issue disorder and wasn't sleeping well in his old bed. He sleeps so much better now and says the mattress is very comfortable."

"They love climbing into bed at night! The bed can also be separated into two single beds, in case they don't want to sleep in bunks in the future."

How could we help you?

If you’re a parent working in the UK fashion and textile industry, your child may be eligible for a grant. Please read more about how we define ‘fashion and textile’, our grants, and what we fund