Asking for help is never easy, but we want to make things as straightforward as possible.

Can we help you?

If you’re the parent of a child under 18 and work (or have worked) in fashion, textile or a clothing related business and are in financial hardship, then you’re in the right place. 

This short animation explains how our process works and below is more detail about our criteria. 

Who can apply?

To apply for a grant, you must be the parent or carer of a child (aged 0- 18 years) AND work OR have recently worked in the UK fashion and textile industry. This work must have been for at least one year within the last nine years. 

Not sure what we mean by fashion and textiles? Take a look at the images below to see if any describe your recent employers. Or, check this list of companies and job titles which meet our criteria.

A pink graphic displays images of different industries around a map of the UK.

Your financial situation

Our grants support families who are struggling financially. This might be due to a sudden loss of income or change in family circumstances. 

Parents usually apply if they are facing one of the following situations:

  • You are in arrears with your household bills, have debt issues
  • You are caring for a child or family member with ill health or additional needs
  • You have been made redundant
  • Your employer has reduced your contracted hours of work
  • You have recently suffered a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce 
  • You are signed off work sick or have a long term illness
  • You are facing homelessness or have recently had to move home
  • You are a kinship carer
  • You have suffered the bereavement of a close family member

What we fund

Our grants fund children's essential items including: 

  • Children's clothing
  • Children's bedroom furniture
  • Essential appliances, washing machine, fridge, oven
  • Mobility equipment
  • Sensory Toys
  • Therapies

See a full list of What We Fund and What We Can't Fund

How To Apply   

Don't work in fashion and textiles, what next?

If you're sure you have never worked in UK fashion or textiles, unfortunately we won't be the right charity for you. Try this list of other charities who might be able to help your family.  

Not sure?

If you're not sure your job qualifies as fashion and textiles it’s always better to check with us first, email our grants team.