Stepchange offer free, flexible debt advice that is based on a comprehensive assessment of your situation. They will then provide practical help and support for however long it’s needed. 

We regularly refer families to Stepchange and trust their free and impartial service. Use this article to find out more about their work and if debt advice could be right for you. 

Not sure if you need debt advice?

Watch the Stepchange video guide to debt advice.

You can also answer these simple questions and Stepchange can help you decide what’s right for you. Financial Help To Deal With Money Worries. StepChange

What services do Stepchange offer?

Before you get started you’ll need to gather up-to-date details about your finances, including income, outgoings and debts.

If you’ve completed our application form, you should already have this information handy.

Online. Use Stepchange’s online debt help tool to get advice. Complete your advice session at your own pace.

Prefer to talk? Once you have your budget info ready, you can speak to someone directly by calling 0800 138 1111. A call takes around 40 minutes to complete.

How could they help you? 

After they've looked at your budget, the Stepchange team will recommend a range of practical debt solutions based on your situation

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Whatever your personal situation, don't despair; there are organisations out there who can help:

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