A grant is a financial donation that you don’t have to repay.

The grant must be used to buy essential items for your children such as clothing, school uniform, bedding or shoes. It can also be used for essential household items which support your children's wellbeing such as replacing a broken washing machine. 

What we fund

No two families are the same and each request is assessed based on individual needs on a case by case basis. As a guide, here are some examples of the items our grants can typically fund: 

Cartoon drawing of a babygrow. Essential Clothing                                  Cartoon drawing of a shirt and tie.Study Essentials 

Cartoon drawing of a bunk bed. Children's bedroom furniture             A cartoon drawing of a washing machine.   White goods

Cartoon drawing of a wheelchair. Mobility equipment                              Cartoon drawing of an eye and stars symbolising sensory equipment. Sensory items

Cartoon drawing of a pencil. Educational support                             Cartoon drawing of hands doing sign language.  Specialist educational support

Before applying, please check the full list of what we fund and what we can't fund. 

Grants can be paid in one-off or ongoing amounts, depending on your child's needs. 

Funding for specialist equipment

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If your child has additional needs, we can provide funding for a range of specialist items. From mobility equipment to sensory toys. We can also provide funding for professional support services, such as physiotherapist or speech and language therapy.

Parents wishing to to apply for a grant towards specialist equipment will need to provide supporting evidence from a professional working with your child, such as a social worker, doctor or teacher.

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