When applying for an FTCT grant, you will need to send us evidence to support your application. This page guides you through the evidence you need and how to upload the documents to the form.

TIP: To keep the process quick and simple, please upload ALL application documents on the final page of your form using your unique application link. This can be found in the original email we sent to you.  

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Proof of employment in fashion or textiles

You’ll need to provide evidence of your work in fashion and textiles.
Please send us one of the below combinations of employment documents:

    1. Two payslips, dated at least one year apart
    2. Two P60's
    3. Download your employment proof from HMRC
    4. P45 (if made redundant or left a job) AND one payslip OR P60, both dated 12 months apart

      PLUS one current payslip for you and your partner, if they are living with you and working.

TIP: Please make sure all documents clearly show your name, your employer’s details, amount, and date, as shown in the pictures below.

Employment proof checklist:

  1. Do you have two employment documents to send?
  2. Are they dated at least one year apart?
  3. Do they clearly show your name/your partner's name (if living with you and working)
  4. Do they clearly show your employer's name?
  5. Do they clearly show the payment amount and payment date?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, you can submit these documents with your application form.

Proof of Self Employment

If you are self employed please check this page for the employment proof documents needed. 

Council Tax

To show proof of your current address, please send us a copy of your latest Council Tax bill. Please make sure it is showing your full name and address at the top. 

Bank Statements

Please send us a PDF or downloaded bank statement showing recent payments for ALL the benefits you receive. If your benefits are paid into different accounts, please send us a recent statement for each. 

As a charity and for greater transparency we are required to see a full bank statement showing all banking transaction over the last month.  This allows us to have a fuller picture of your current financial situation, and can also help to demonstrate the hardship you are facing.

TIP: We cannot accept screenshots of your banking app, as this doesn’t show who is receiving the benefits, as shown below. 

Don't receive bank statements? 
Most online banking apps will let you download a PDF of your recent bank statement. You might have to log in using a desktop or laptop to do this. If this is not an option for you, you can visit your local bank branch or order a statement from telephone banking. 

Use this article for guidance on how to download your bank statement

Tip: Check if your bank's You Tube channel and search for how to videos for their banking app. 

Bank statement checklist:

  1. Is it dated within the last 2 months?
  2. Does it clearly show your name (or name of the applicant, if this is your partner), your address and the date in the header?
  3. Does it clearly show all your benefits being paid into the account, matching the amount you listed on your application form?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, you can submit these documents with your application form.

Feeling nervous about sending your bank statements? Here Phil offers his personal experience and encourages you to move past your fears. 

Tenancy Agreements

If you are applying for items because you have been re-housed please also send us your current tenancy agreement, showing your name, new address, tenancy start date, rent amount, and signature page.

Supporting Letters 

If you are requesting support with specialist items or therapy for a child with additional need we will need to see a letter of diagnosis from a professional and a quote for specialist equipment.

Need more help? If you are provide to documents you need or would just like more help, please email [email protected]