Living the FTCT Volunteer Principles!

Volunteers provide valuable assistance to the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust and we are extremely grateful to everyone who volunteers their time and skills to support our charity.

These principles are designed to offer guidance on key standards which the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust requests its volunteers adhere to while undertaking tasks for, or on behalf of the charity.

We kindly request the following from our volunteers:

  1. As first point of contact to the public it is necessary to be polite and courteous at all times
  2. Volunteers are expected to dress appropriately and maintain a good standard of hygiene.
  3. The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust is committed to providing an environment free of harassment and discrimination. Volunteers are expected to contribute to this environment, this includes behaviour, language and non-verbal language
  4. To use charity equipment/property properly and with correct authorisation
  5. To perform tasks as per instructions given by relevant staff member
  6. To attend the charity/event at the times/days agreed by both the volunteer and the relevant staff member
  7. To notify the relevant staff member as soon as possible in the event that illness or personal reasons mean they are unable to carry out their role
  8. To comply with all the charity’s policies
  9. To maintain the security of any confidential or personal information you become aware of while volunteering at the FTCT
  10. No drinking of alcohol or taking of illegal drugs while volunteering
  11. You will keep any volunteering which you do for FTCT completely separate from any on-going or new grant applications

Our pledge to you:

  1. We will treat you with respect and listen to any concerns which arise relating to your volunteering with us
  2. We will give you a full briefing on the tasks you are expected to carry out and  FTCT staff will be on hand to address any accessibility needs you may have
  3. The FTCT staff will provide a fun, enthusiastic and supportive team to work within during your time volunteering with us
  4. We will reimburse you for reasonable travel expenses- see guidance below. 

Expenses: We are able to refund all reasonable public transport travel costs incurred to and from our Victoria office, or event, up to the value of a zone 1-6 travel card. We cannot give refunds for taxi costs. We are also able to issue a £5 food allowance if a volunteer is with us for more than 4 hours. Refunds will  be given upon presentation of valid receipts.

Written References: We will only provide written references for volunteers who have volunteered with the organisation, on a regular basis (2-3 hours per week), for a minimum of 3 months. But please feel free to add your time volunteering with us to your LinkedIn profile. It's a great way to build your CV and showcase your commitment to voluntary work.