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“Never did I ever imagine we would be a family in the position that we are, to have to apply to charities for support for like this, but we are so incredibly thankful for having these opportunities around us when we truly need them.” 

Brothers Oscar (4) & Theo (1) share a rare life limiting brain condition, Pelizeaus-Mertzbacher Disease (PMD). When they both needed extra funding for specialist physio sessions, their parents Cortney & Stuart used Stuart’s past employment at Morrisons to apply for a grant.

We are delighted to have awarded a grant to fund therapy sessions for both boys. Here, Cortney tells their story and talks about the difference their grant will make.   

Why we applied

Cortney said: "Oscar and Theo have the biggest smiles in the world - they just light up the room. They’ve created the most beautiful bond and we're watching them grow and flourish together. It's an awful situation we're in, but we're making the best of it.” 

Oscar walks with a frame and has a wheelchair, but has no problems with talking and cognitive development. The boys currently have physiotherapy to help with their movement and are waiting for adaptations to be made to their home. 

Cortney & Stuart have been funding some sessions themselves and also with help from family, friends and other charities. Although they have received support with specialist equipment, it has been very difficult to fund therapy sessions.    

“Without the support of charities like FTCT and others alike, we simply couldn’t afford to pay for these intensive sessions and the boys really do need to keep on top of specialist services, which the NHS just don’t have the capacity to provide for them.” 

How the grant is helping

Oscar pictured with his Physiotherapy Assistant.

“The amount FTCT awarded will help them tremendously and will be able to provide them with hydrotherapy physiotherapy sessions alongside their standard physiotherapy sessions too with Reach Rehab - Adult & Paediatric Physiotherapy. It is just game changing!” 

“We are SO lucky (and honoured) to have been awarded the grant amount and thank all those who sit on the committee to make the decisions to award these grants to families like ours.” 

“So a HUGE big thankyou also, to Fashion & Textile Children's Trust and all those who have funded the charity to enable families like ours to be able to have grants awarded as we have had today!! “ 

A message to other parents

“I know times are SO hard, for everyone at the moment, but just giving £1 to your selected charities can go a long way! And magic happens when everyone pulls together to make a difference.” 

“To any other parents thinking about applying for a grant, I would say just go for it. You have nothing to lose! The charity will either say yes or give reasons why they can’t help. Every charity wants to help, you just have to apply and see.”  

We would like to say a huge thank you to Cortney and Stuart for allowing us to share their story. We hope this has resonated and will go someway to encouraging others to reach out, if a therapy grant could help their child. 

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