"Susanne has started to sit independently which is huge because before the physiotherapy she couldn’t hold her head up.” 

When Susanne needed extra physiotherapy sessions, Mum Margaret used her past employment with Monsoon Accessorize to apply for one of our grants.

“Susanne has a very rare, complex genetic syndrome called NAA10, which means she has severe developmental impairment. I am her full-time carer and we rely solely on my husband’s income as a family.”

“When I first approached the FTCT we were funding additional sessions ourselves. Physio helps Susanne to build muscle tone so she can sit up, crawl and walk, which also helps her cognitive skills for focus and play.”

“Not many other charities fund physio, so when I came across the FTCT I felt really hopeful. I used proof of my old part time job at Monsoon Accessorize to apply.” Find out more about our therapy grants

“I personally don’t like asking for help and it took courage to approach the FTCT, but I am so glad I did. I think every parent would do the same to help their child."

“The grant has been a huge help and enables our daughter to access the additional physio sessions she needs. The health professionals are really seeing a difference in her development. She has started to sit independently which is huge, because before the physio she couldn’t hold her head up.”

“We can’t thank the FTCT team enough for what they have done for our daughter and our family."

"To anyone else thinking about applying to the FTCT, I would say just do it. Don’t be scared to ask for help. I will always remember how helpful and supportive the FTCT team were.”

How could we help you?

If you’re a parent working in the UK fashion and textile industry, your child may be eligible for a grant. Please read more about how we define ‘fashion and textile’, our grants, and what we fund