Sara is Mum to Mary (13) and Tia (15). Sara runs her own fashion business and found out about FTCT at the Textile Forum trade show. Here, Sara talks about her experience of applying for an FTCT grant.

“I was actually looking for funding for my business when I approached the FTCT stand at Textile Forum. I am a fashion designer and launched my ready-to-wear brand in 2016. It’s been slow to start with, but I am hoping things will turn around.”

It’s a struggle to set up a new business, especially when you have a family to support, too. There’s not a lot of support out there, particularly if you own your own business, so it was a shock to find out about FTCT.

“When the team explained they provided financial grants for the family, I immediately thought about my daughter, Tia. She is doing her GCSE’s this summer and didn’t have a laptop to do her homework on. She was using the computers in the library and I just wanted her to be able to do her studying at home."

“The process of applying was straightforward, and the form wasn't complicated. The team was so personable on the stand, they really put me at ease.”

“The grant was a godsend at just the right time. FTCT gave us a contribution towards a laptop which came in so handy for her mock exams. We were also able to go shopping for winter clothing for both the girls. They were so happy!”

“To any other parent thinking about applying to FTCT, I would say go for it! It makes a world of difference, don’t hesitate at all.”

* Names and images have been changed to protect identities.

How could we help you?

If you’re a parent working in the UK fashion and textile industry, your child may be eligible for a grant. Please read more about how we define ‘fashion and textile’, our grants, and what we fund.