Susanne’s Mum, Margaret, had previously applied for one of our grants to help with Susanne’s physiotherapy sessions. 

“Susanne has a very rare, complex genetic syndrome called NAA10, which means she has severe developmental impairment. I am her full-time carer and we rely solely on my husband’s income as a family.” Read Susanne’s original story: Physiotherapy helping Susanne to shine

How Susanne is doing today

Recently, FTCT were able to fund a second grant to help with Susanne's additional physiotherapy sessions, and we are delighted to share with you an update on her progress.

“Due to the cost of living crisis and Susanne needing ongoing, intensive physiotherapy treatment, we knew we could approach FTCT for help as we had before, especially after seeing huge improvement in Susanne’s development.”

“The grant has made a huge difference in our and Susanne’s life. Finally, with FTCT’s help, Susanne has taken six steps independently in her Grillo walker, which is a huge achievement in her development and a step forward in reaching her full potential. 

She has also improved her hand-eye coordination and built up her muscle tone.”

“Through hard work, determination, and rehabilitation, there’s hope that Susanne will be able to walk independently and reach her full potential. We can’t thank FTCT enough for all their help and support.”

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If you’re a parent working in the UK fashion and textile industry, your child may be eligible for a grant. Please read more about how we define ‘fashion and textile’, our grants, and what we fund.