If you're looking for help funding your children's clothing, our charity might be able to help.

To apply for an FTCT grant, one parent must work OR have recently worked in the UK fashion and textile industry, for at least one year within the last nine years. Find out more about our trade criteria

If you think this might apply to your family, please read on for more information about what we can fund

Don't work in fashion and textiles, what next?

If you're sure you have never worked in UK fashion or textiles, unfortunately we won't be the right charity for you. Try this list of other charities who might be able to help your family.  

What we fund

Our grants fund items which are essential to a child's health and wellbeing. Families applying for a children's clothing grants are encouraged to prioritise essential clothing their children will need for the year ahead, for example:

  • Winter coats and warm shoes/boots
  • School uniform, including shoes and PE kit
  • Clothing for college (up to 18 years)
  • Baby clothing including babygrow's, pramsuits, sleepsuits and more
  • Summer clothing and footwear
  • Specialist clothing, including adaptive and sensory clothing for children with additional needs. We can also fund other specialist items which support their health and wellbeing. Find out more.

Please note: we do have capped amounts for most items. Amounts awarded are at the discretion of the charity. 

We can fund other essential items, including white goods, children's bedroom furniture and specialist items. Read a full list of what we fund. 

What we can't fund

There are some items which we cannot fund, including:

  • Adult's clothing 
  • Non essential sports kit 
  • Designer items 

Make an enquiry

If you would like to apply for a grant towards children's clothing costs, the first step is to complete our online enquiry form using the green button below. 

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