A grant is a financial donation which doesn't have to be repaid. It must be used to buy essential items for your children such as school uniform or clothing. If you are looking for something in particular for your child, please take a look here to see if it's something we can fund. Still not sure? Give us a ring on 0300 123 9002 and we can let you know. 

If you are interested in applying for a grant for your child, there is some important information you need to know:  

  • Grants are only available for children whose parent or full-time carer works in the UK fashion and textile industry.

  • You must have worked in the industry for a minimum of 1 year, within the last nine years. 

    This means the start of your employment must have been within the 9 year period and the following 1+ years thereafter. 

Not sure if you work in fashion or textiles? Check this list of companies and job titles which fit into our criteria. 

  • Children must be aged between 0-18 years.

  • You must be receiving child benefit for the child who needs a grant.

  • Grants start from £250 upwards.

  • Grants can be one off payments or ongoing depending on a child’s need. Before applying please understand what we fund and what we don’t fund. 

  • Successful applicants must return original item receipts within one month, to prove the grant has been spend as agreed.  

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Don't work in fashion and textiles, what next? 

If you have never worked in UK fashion and textiles, unfortunately we won't be the right charity for your family. But why not check this list of other charities who might be able to help

If you're not sure your job qualifies as fashion and textiles please contact our grants team for further advice.