As a registered charity, we need your receipts to show that our grants are spent in the way the charity intended; on the items agreed and in an appropriate way, in line with our objectives.  Please see our full Terms & Conditions below.

Unfortunately, if you do not return your receipts, you will not meet the terms and conditions of the award and we will not be able to consider any future applications from you.  

Ready to return you receipts? Jump here for full return instructions.

1.      All receipts should to be dated after the grant has been paid to you.  We cannot accept receipts for any items that were purchased before the grant was paid into your account.  

2.      The grant money can only be used for THE AGREED ITEMS for your children, as set out in our award letter. Any changes need to be approved by the FTCT Grants Team in advance of purchase. 

3.      We can allow some flexibility as to the total amount spent on each item, if it costs slightly more or less than the awarded amount.  However, you should ensure that all of the items are purchased.

4.      If required, for example if the item costs slightly more than expected, you may add additional funds from your own resources.

5.      All purchased items should be brand new and purchased from a reputable company. None of the items should be second-hand.

6.      All electrical goods and beds must be brand new and have at least a one year manufacturer’s guarantee. 

7.      All items should be purchased outright and in full with the grant awarded and your receipt should show this, including the date of  purchase and amount paid. Ensure that all items are purchased paying with either a debit card or with cash from the funds                    deposited into your account without incurring any future debt commitments    Evidence of purchases made via Klarna, Clearpay,              charged to a credit account or put on any other payment instalment plan will not meet the terms and conditions of the grant award.  

8.      The award can be used towards the delivery, installation and recycling of white goods and furniture delivery costs where required.


10.   Receipts should be in good order and recorded attached the attached Grant Receipts Return Form.  Instructions  on how to do this are given overleaf 

11.   If you send us a receipt for an item that has not been agreed, we may ask for this to be reimbursed to the full value of the item.

12.   We will only accept ORIGINAL RECEIPTS returned by post using the Grant Receipts Return Form for all of the agreed items. Please do not send scanned receipts by email. Please print the receipt and payment details of items purchased online. If the item has a warranty, you may wish to take photocopies for your own records. We would strongly recommend that you send the receipts as ‘signed for’ post, via your Post Office.  It does not need to be ‘special delivery guaranteed’ – which is more expensive.

13.   If you have purchased all of the items that the funding was awarded for and there is a small amount remaining (10% or less of the total grant), we would prefer that this be spent on essential clothing, uniform or footwear for the children rather than returning this amount to us. Please also include these receipts to show what items were purchased. 

14.   If your circumstances change and you no longer need all or part of the award made, we expect that the remaining grant to be returned to us. This should either be by cheque – made payable to The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust – or by BACS payment quoting your FTCT Grant Reference Number. Our BACS details: Sort Code: 20-01-58 / Account No: 40727121.

Instructions for returning receipts

We get lots of envelopes full of receipts every day, so we need your help to keep this process as simple as possible. The longer we spend sorting through receipts, the less time we have to help more families who need us.

Please use the receipts return form which came with your grant award letter and only return your original receipts using the following process.

Don't have your grant return form? Download a new one here. 


1.     Number each receipt (not the individual items)

2.     Highlight each grant item on the receipt(s)

3.     Using the Grant Receipts Return Form, write down the category of item you have purchased alongside the corresponding receipt number and total spent on that item, for example:

Receipt No. Item Description Value
1,2,3 Uniform £145

4.     Calculate the full total and fill out the rest of the Grant Receipts Return Form (including the short Feedback Form at the bottom please)

5.     Send us the Grant Receipts Return Form and all of your original receipts by signed for post paying the appropriate postage.

6.     To be accepted, receipts must include: price of items purchased, date of the purchase, payment method (cash, card) and must be original receipts (not copies). 

7.     Receipts will not be accepted if they do not meet the above criteria. If you have purchased items from a catalogue, the evidence provided must also show that you have paid for the order in full and the date and method of payment. If your receipt does not indicate payment method, please send, in addition to your receipt, a printout of your bank statement to demonstrate payment.  

Posting your receipts

Please return all of your grant receipts by 'signed for delivery' to: The Grants Team, Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust, 44 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AP