Charmaine, a white woman with long blonde hair is pictured smiling at a special occasion. She is wearing a black jacket and is smiling widely. "Boden have been working with FTCT for many years, however I have only just recently started  working with Anna, Jill and the team and they have been fantastic! They are so passionate about the support they can offer to families and have really helped us in ways we can raise awareness of the wonderful work they do to our people."

Charmaine Higgins, People Operations Manager, Boden.

Charmaine first contacted us in September 2022. She had been in post for a while, but wanted to introduce herself as the new point of contact for FTCT grant promotion within Boden. Charmaine quickly got enthused by our work and came up with new ways of working together to revitalise grant promotions within the company. 

Ever since we have been working closely with Charmaine to promote FTCT grants to Boden staff. 

Here's how Charmaine helped:

  • Invited us to host a town hall meeting at Boden's head office
  • Recorded a walk through of our FTCT deck to livestream to their Leicester DC
  • Cascaded our information to their Wellbeing Champions
  • Updated our information on their internal comms portal, including featuring links to our website and how to videos to follow
  • Provided endorsment quotes about FTCT from the Senior Leadership Team, to build trust among employees

Our CEO Anna Pangbourne commented, "Charmaine is a great example of how to champion FTCT within a company. From the outset, Charmaine really thought about which comms channels to use, to ensure our information had the widest reach at the company. The approach taken by Boden is a great example of how our grant promotions can be fully embedded into a company's wellbeing programme."

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