Our charity has been working with the Textile Recycling Association since 2020. Through the promotion of our grants to member companies, we are delighted to have already supported families in the sector, including a family at Clothes Aid.

We asked the TRA CEO Alan Wheeler and and Clothes Aid's HR Advisor, Faith Imade to talk to us about our partnership. Here is what they had to say:

"I never knew about FTCT until I was introduced to Anna Pangbourne the chief executive of FTCT. I was very impressed with the way she explains what FTCT is about and the help they give to employees within the fashion and textiles industry, particularly those in textile recycling. I felt that my employees will benefit from."

"Such a fantastic opportunity as I know that within every household or behind every closed door there are families that are struggling financially especially with the recent Covid-19 pandemic."

About Clothes Aid: Clothes Aid are the UK’s largest fully licensed, commercial clothes collection company. Supporting 9 UK charities, Clothes Aid has raised more than £12.5milion since it started in 1996. Collecting clothes from your doorstep, it couldn't be easier to donate to Clothes Aid. Find out more.  

"I introduced my employees to FTCT and explain to them the benefit of applying for a grant to help with financial struggle that could or is affecting their children. After couple of weeks one of my employee contacted me to express his gratitude that he has been approved for a grant and it was such a substantial amount that will go a long way in sorting out his family."

"I was really happy for him, and I have decided to take it upon myself to continue reminding other employees of the help provided by FTCT and also they can introduce their family and friends to FTCT."

"I would like to thank Anna and all members of the FTCT for the great work they are doing and if there is anything I could do in supporting and promoting their fantastic work I will be always available."

About the Textile Recycling Association: 
The Textile Recycling Association are the are the UK’s trade association for collectors, sorters, processors and exporters of used clothing and textiles. Their members are collectors, graders and processors of used clothing, textiles and shoes and they operate throughout the United Kingdom. Find out more

Profile picture of Alan Wheeler, CEO of the Textile Recycling Association. Alan is a white male with brown hair, wearing a blue shirt. Alan is looking straight to camera.  

Alan Wheeler, CEO of the Textile Recycling Association. "We are delighted to have established our partnership with the FTCT which we thought would offer a real added value benefit for our members and their employees. Establishing the partnership was a very straightforward process and when we heard that as a result of Faith’s efforts to promote the FTCT’s grant opportunities to her colleagues at Clothes Aid, that was absolutely brilliant news."

"We will definitely be continuing to encourage all the members of the Textile Recycling Association to continue promoting the benefits of FTCT to their employees.  I am confident that others who qualify and are in need of financial assistance will be able to benefit by contact the Fashion & Textiles Children’s Trust."


Work with us

We are always keen to meet employers who would like to promote FTCT to your staff. We can work with you to create unique promotional tools, including newsletter copy, posters, flyers and anything else your company might need. If you are an employer and would like to work with us, please contact Anna, by email [email protected]