"I cannot think of any reason why a member of staff working within the industry, who is facing difficult family times, should not complete the simple application form and find help when they need it most."

Steve is Operations Manager at Jacksons Workwear, a customised workwear rental company based in Lincoln. Steve has been referring staff to FTCT since early 2019. Steve kindly took the time to tell us about his experience of working with FTCT and the benefits it has brought the Jacksons workforce. 

"My first contact with Anna and the Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust was at the Textile Services Association (our trade association) spring conference. Anna took the stage to talk about the charity and during her presentation it was clear we may have staff that could qualify for a grant."

"I passed on the charity's details to our Team Leaders who discussed the Grant Scheme with their teams. Although I was not involved in the application process I was aware one member of staff had expressed an interest and was completing the relevant paperwork."

Helping families at Jackson's Workwear

With Steve's help, we have already begun supporting families at Jacksons Workwear. As a small team, Steve has been able to see first hand the positive impact grant can have on a family's situation.

Steve commented, "One member of staff had experienced issues with her partner and was living back at her parental home, with her three children. The situation had an emotional impact on her and the three children, together with the challenges of ‘day to day’ life as a busy working single mum."

"Within a short period the application process was complete and a grant award made. The grant came at a time when the children were moving schools, so uniform, shoes, bags etc. were a necessity. The grant money also stretched to white goods for when family housing was found by the local authority."

"I know this member of staff is particularly grateful for the grant, which came at a time when financial pressures were beginning to hit the family, especially with the demands of a new school year. This family’s positive story has helped ‘lead the way’ for another possible grant application from within our staff."

"I cannot think of any reason for a member of staff working within the industry, that is facing difficult family times, should not complete the simple application process and hopefully find help is there when you most need it."

Work with us

We are always keen to meet employers who would like to promote FTCT to your staff. We can work with you to create unique promotional tools, including newsletter copy, posters, flyers and anything else your company might need. If you are an employer and would like to work with us, please contact Anna, by email [email protected]